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King tiger detailing , Tamiya 1/16 Modifications

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As I mentioned in my introduction post. Left the hobby more than a decade ago with lots of unfinished projects on the table

Built a Hobby Hut during last years lockdown to move allmy gear into and start up the hobby again. Thought i would post a few photos of the scratch builds and mods i installed on my King Tigers.

There might be some tips that people can make use of.

1. Once you put Metal cast tracks on a Tamiya it puts way too much stress on the stock gearboxes and chassis.. To help with this i made metal plates for the rear and top of the hull and added a scratch built gear down sleave to the gear boxes.

Also with metal tracks, pivot will not work unless you gear it down. To take stress off the drive shafts in the gear box i also added a proper sleeved ball bearing to the final drive shaft plate which takes 90% of the strain off.

There are no bearings on the stock Tamiya gearboxes, just bushes.

You can also see the copper tubing exhausts for the Heng Long smoke machine that i trial fitted. (Since has been binned due to crapness) I will be building my own at some point which will produce lots more smoke)



Smoke from the Heng Long unit barely visible


Drive plate without bearing


Bearing in place (Friction fit)


Gear down mechanism in place ( I later added a spacer to get the motor cog in line with the gear cog)


People have spent hundreds of £'s buying full gear down boxes when theres just no need with this simple mod you get a much better scale speed and way more torque.

These are just aircraft motor gear downs and very cheap.


Hull mods including removable skirts (1mm screws), Scratch built tow cables, Scratch built track hangers






The power required for the smoke unit meant rearranging the internal layout to fit more batteries. Removed the speaker from its resonance box (took up almost the entire rear end of the hull) and fitted it to the interior of the turret (turret acts like an even bigger resonance box)

And a new electronics tray made.



Other mods worth fitting are the Schumo coil sprung torsion bars for the road wheel suspension and Idler wheel tensioner (The ones pictured are from Kenny Kong, i dont think he trades anymore though)


Once happy with a particular mod,  i would transfer it to the final King Tiger


Party time!


First attempts at weathering, Tamiya acrylics and pencil graphite





Next post from me in this thread will be scratch building a smoke machine for them and a lot more weathering.





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images not hosted properly
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none of your pictures are showing? are you using a photo host for these?

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6 hours ago, Julien said:

none of your pictures are showing? are you using a photo host for these?

Maybe due to using my Onedrive for hosting. i will fix it when i get back from work, Apols.

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13 hours ago, Julien said:

none of your pictures are showing? are you using a photo host for these?

All fixed now i hope

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12 minutes ago, Hummel said:

All fixed now i hope

Great pix of a great build.👍

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