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Baby Smaug WIP

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Having completed this 54mm Pegaso figure several years ago, I've always been at a bit of a loss as to what I could pair her up with in a small vignette.



Hmm, well during January I finally decided to tackle this Games Workshop dragon which has languished somewhere at the bottom of my "Cupboard of Shame" since I bought him during a trip back to the UK around 2007.



The clean-up pinning and assembly went okay, but seeing as he's supposed to go with GW 28mm figures, (which I can't do cos they're far too small for my eyesight), it meant that he's a bit diminutive when compared to my more usual 54mm/75mm figure sizes. 

But that's okay -- he can just be "Baby Smaug"...😶

WIP 12-Jan-2021



WIP 13-Jan-2021 Morning



WIP 13-Jan-2021 Evening  



I had originally intended to use him in my "Packed Lunch of Darfar" effort, but he was too large to fit onto the diorama base, and to be honest, he wasn't really a good aesthetic "fit" in that scenario anyway.

So I gloried on, trusting my fevered imagination would come up with some other display options.

WIP 18-Jan-2021 Morning



WIP 18-Jan-2021 Evening



And that's him just about finished, albeit I still have to do the tips of his wing claws.

Having been inspired by Ted's "Eowyn and the Nazgul" vignette, I've made a start on a display base which I'll transfer to the Diorama WIP Section in due course.

However, I'm now in two minds whether to do a Winter scene with the deadly little Pegaso Lady, or do a Summer vignette using a completely different 54mm Femme Fatale? 



Dunno, perhaps I might decide to do both...🤔...😉

Cheers the Noo

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Very cool. The dragon still looks like a terrifying monster even with 75 mm figures. Really trippy shimmery paint job too. Sculpted by the Perry brothers I think.


I never would have thought to paint her straps blue, she look great.


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The lass is clearly well dressed for the cold weather - a pair of stout boots, and a cozy fur hat 😀


Excellent figures.





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Posted (edited)
13 hours ago, nheather said:

The lass is clearly well dressed for the cold weather - a pair of stout boots, and a cozy fur hat 😀

Aye, them fantasy Russian Babes -- they're hard as nails...😃

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