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Lockheed F-104A Starfighter - RoCAF (Italeri)


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Here is my first kit of the year, finally!
It is Italeri's 1:72 Lockheed F-104A-20-LO Starfighter. It represents 4221 (s/n 56-0799 - ex-USAF), of the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing/8th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Republic of China AF, Ching Chuan Kang Air Base, Taiwan, 1961.




This was the old Esci kit re-released by Italeri. It was a pretty basic kit which I decided to build very much OOB. All of the parts needed cleaning up due to some flash, ejection pins and sink marks. Fit wasn't bad but nearly all joins needed work and in some places there were steps to deal with. I only added ejection pull handles to the seat. The cockpit decals were way oversize (1:48?) so I more-or-less painted them on. I replaced the kit's missiles with those from a Hasegawa weapons set which looked better.






The kit was fully painted and varnished by brush. For the metal surfaces I used Humbrol 27002 Polished Aluminium, dry-brushing Hum56 Aluminium in some panels and Vallejo Oily Steel in two areas of the rear fuselage. Most panels were given a final coat of Pollyscale Satin whilst others had Xtracrylix Flat Varnish brushed on to give different sheens. Decals went on well although some didn't correspond in size to those illustrated in the instructions!














I had some problems with paint and varnish but just about managed to salvage things to an acceptable level. This and the fact that my attention was very divided by other things caused this one to be so delayed.

Thanks for looking

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23 hours ago, Pete in a shed said:

Nice one Miguel, great to see a Taiwanese version. 




23 hours ago, SAT69 said:

Very nice F-104A!


15 hours ago, Wulfman said:

Lovely Starfighter , nice work !




14 hours ago, Harry Callahan said:

Looks great and rarely to see a taiwanese version. Starfighters are always welcome. 


1 hour ago, swralph said:

Lovely build Miguel.😀


Thank you very much!


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23 hours ago, Team Aer Lingus said:

Beautifully finished in rare scheme very well done


thanks for sharing



Thanks a lot Eamonn and my pleasure 😀!



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