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The Hawker Hurricane – Airframe & Miniature #16


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The Hawker Hurricane – Airframe & Miniature #16

ISBN: 9781912932122

Valiant Wings Publishing




The Hurricane was the lesser-known stablemate of the Supermarine Spitfire, the plainer (in some people’s opinion) sister that didn’t get the limelight like its slightly younger, slightly faster and slightly sleeker colleague in the battle against the marauding hordes of Luftwaffe bombers that were intent on the destruction of our cities, airfields and infrastructure before, during and after the famous Battle of Britain.  Often, the Spits kept the faster and more agile escorts such as the Bf.109s and later the Fw.190s busy, while the Hurricanes went after the slower bombers where their slight speed deficit wasn’t such an issue against the lumbering heavies.  The Hurricane was also a sturdy aircraft thanks to its stronger, more traditional airframe construction and its fabric aft fuselage that was easier to repair than the all-metal Spitfire.  It didn't get the love that the Spitfire gets from the public and press, but anyone that knows the full story knows that Britain would have been equally stuffed without either of them.


The Book

The book is perfect-bound with 272 pages on glossy paper, tons of photographs, diagrams and profiles, the modern pictures being in colour, while the contemporary content is black and white due to that being the dominant film format of the day.  It is of course written by Richard A Franks, with profiles by Richard J Caruana, isometric drawings by Juraj Jankkovic and models by Libor Jekl and Steve A Evans. If you're familiar with the series, you'll know that the tome is broken down into the Airframe section that deals with the 1:1 real thing, and the miniature section that covers the scale models and has a number of builds, plus a host of photographic detail that will be of great help to the modeller. 







Airframe Chapters


1. Evolution – Prototype & Mk.I

2. Evolution – Mk.II to Mk.V

3. Sea Hurricane & Canadian Production

3. Reconnaissance (PR & TacR), Prototypes & Projects

4. Camouflage & Markings and Colour Profiles


Miniature Chapters


5. Hurricane Kits

6. Building a Selection

7. Building a Collection

8. In Detail: The Hawker Hurricane

  • Engine, Cowlings & Propeller
  • Cockpit & Canopy
  • Mid & Aft Fuselage
  • Tail
  • Wings & Control Surfaces
  • Undercarriage & Arrestor Hook
  • Armament
  • Radio, Radar, Cameras & Misc. Electrical
  • Access Panels & Miscellaneous




I. Kit List

II. Accessories & Mask List

III. Decals

IV. Bibliography


A concertina sheets of 1:48 Scale plans captive in the rear cover (equivalent to 8 pages printed on both sides)






The scale plans are nicely thought out, and fold out sideways with the left-hand edge captive to the inside cover, and the isometric drawings by Juraj Jankovic that pick out the differences between variants and sub-variants are a dream for anyone like me that struggles to remember the details that separate the marks.  As usual with the photographs in these titles, they're excellent for the most part, and as good as they can be for the occasional slightly grainy one that is all that remains of this or that variant.  Afterall, there's only so much that modern photo editing software can do.  The builds by Libor Jekl and Steve A. Evans are all first-rate too, with two in 1:72, one Arma one Airfix, two other completed Arma kits in summary, one Hasegawa kit in 1:48, and one Sea Hurricane by Fly Models in 1:32, all of which wouldn't look out of place on competition tables at the highest level.




This book is brimming with interest and information, with something for everyone – the modeller, the aviation enthusiast or history buff.  My personal favourite parts are the variant isometrics as previously mentioned, but there is so much to enjoy and it’s all good.


Very highly recommended.




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