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Grumman F4F Wildcat without uniform; Arma Hobby 70033; 1/72

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Today I want to present you genuine carrier-based aircraft - Grumman Wildcat. (Un)fortunately as usually it's a "cat" without uniform :)

Based on few photos from the Internet (easy to find - use registration number) I added some details & decals to Arma Hobby 70033 kit and tanks copied from T-33A kit. As a result agricultural plane appeared (the original was used by Butler Aviation, Redmond, Oregon in 1957-1960).
I hope that you'll like the efect :)


























50984980392_c2908e4808_b.jpg (photo in bigger res available)


50984980397_2662fd508d_b.jpg (photo in bigger res available)




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Man, that is one bad*ssed crop duster!   Very neat model and something we don't see every day either.   Great work and very inspiring! :clap2:


I've always thought that an A-10 would be an awesome crop duster too!  😀

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That's a very nice conversion. Excellent work on the dispensers and the windmill pump. I like the lemon yellow colour, too.

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That is something special. I would have not been able to guess the scale was only 1/72, it could be a lot bigger.


Duncan B 

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That's different in the most wonderful way. Congratulations on a great build!

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