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First model for 30 years done! 
Things to improve on for next time:

1. Flashing/sprue mark sorting. 
2. Paint wheels before attaching 

3. more colour depth and variety 

4. Be braver with washes 

5. learn about pigment colouring a bit more.


something German and grey next  - bit fed up of yellow! 

34F141DE-C5E7-474B-AC2A-B18C22A12BE1 0A487A1F-BFC3-40AC-884E-E6967F49721A


F6A1D705-1597-4B4B-AC42-6339B1324CAC B58D0414-7442-4611-8CE9-363E7A813AC6


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Welcome back to modelling! Like the jeep.👏👏👏

I returned not so long ago after a lengthy break. 

The support here is great.

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I'm in the same boat here, just got back into it and look learning all the new paint tricks around. Think I'll have a go at this one and hope it looks half as good..!!

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3 hours ago, crowe said:

I love the finish texture on the cam nets. Nice build. 

Just oob ones. I was a bit cross about the shine on them tbh despite 2 coats of ultra Matt. 🤷‍♂️ Thanks. 

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