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Vega Gull in Alexandria X1032

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Hello everyone,


I recently picked up the lovely 1/48 Dora Wings Vega Gull kit.


I was fascinated by the image posted by Dave Fleming in the Rumourmonger forum.


What a stunning aircraft!


I want to appeal for any information people may have about the airframe.


This colour scheme, apparently repainted in late 1942 at Alexandria, looks like a Coastal Command type scheme to me - Extra Dark Sea Grey/Dark Slate Grey upper with white underside.


At some point in 1942 the aircraft wore a different scheme...



I won't be modelling this scheme but wonder if the fact it bore underwing roundels here allows a reasonable speculation that the other scheme sports underwing roundels.


Does anybody have any information about the airframe's usage, colour schemes or just interesting speculations? Would appreciate any thoughts.


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I`ve bought the same kit for the very same reason,....... great scheme isn`t it. 

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