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Chipmunk questions


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I have a few questions about Chipmunk markings - I am working on a really colorful & comprehensive decal sheet for the upcoming Chipmunk and need to clarify a couple points:


1. Can someone help me find a good close-up photo or drawing of the Skylarks badge shown on the photo?




2. I can't quite figure out the colors of the Univ. of Glasgow & Strathclyde UAS badge - the top band seems to be a very dark green? 




3. Same for the Univ. of London UAS badge : the Warpaint book has a close-up photo which still does not help. Are the darker color bands black or blue?



3. chipmunk_q3.jpg


4. Does anyone know the story behind the two Beagle "kill marks" on this Chipmunk? It would be nice to include it on the instruction sheet. I could also use a photo of the other side of this aircraft.




Thanks in advance - I am sure I will have a few more questions in the next week or so.



Caracal Models

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1. The Skylarks logo is the CFS logo. Click here for slightly less than perfect image. Click here for same badge used on a Gnat.

2 and 3. UAS colours in my experience normally reflect, or are derived from their sporting colours in some way.

4. I can't answer the reasoning behind the two Bulldog kill marks, but please note the 6aef badge background is a deep green, not black as commonly depicted.


Do you plan on including any Aberdeen UAS options? I'd be more than happy to share some notes and images if you do.



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8 Sqn used to have a fully marked up Chippie, would make an unusual addition to the sheet.


UGSAS banner could be Black/Gold/University Blue, although it seems to have been turned upside down at sometime.


University Blue

PMS 2955  
C100 M60 Y10 K53
R0 G56 B101


Regards the ULAS one, the BBMF have repainted one of their Chipmunks back to when it was a ULAS a/c. It very much looks Black or it’s the Deepest Blue I’ve seen. I can’t post links from my phone but i’ll try later on tonight.

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A good source of info re. paint schemes is the Professional Pilots Rumour Network (PPRuNe).


You shouldn't have to register to view the threads, but you'll have to if you wish to post.


If you type "Chipmunk" into the search box in the top right corner, you'll find a myriad of threads.


The Chipmunk was much-loved by many military pilots who later went on to fly much larger/faster aircraft. Many Chipmunks are being restored back to their original military markings and when their owners request info or photo's on the forum there is usually a good response from these pilots with photo's of a particular airframe over the decades.


Just a suggestion...



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Re. Photo/query No.2, Universities of Glasgow & Strathclyde Air Squadron markings appear to be green/yellow/blue.


WG431 is currently flying in this scheme, which I haven't seen before, but at least the squadron motif appears to be genuine:-








However this shot of WG431 from 1972 has a different design of marking, and the colours appear to be reversed with uppermost being blue/yellow/green.







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I can’t see Green in any of those shots of the UGSAS. The middle shot clearly shows Blue on the bottom, which was my initial thought, however the more I look at period photographs I’m swaying towards Black Gold Black.

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And if you want to know ANYTHING about Chippies, get The De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk, The Poor Man's Spitfire by Hugh Shiels, Rod Brown, Jose Goncalves and Rod Blievers (SBGB Publishing, Ontario, Canada, 2009, ISBN 978-0-9812544-0-1). Everything you ever wanted to know but were mortally afraid to ask!


And can we have some decals for Australian civvie Chippies, please? We do have quite a few ...

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Hi Scotthldr,


Yes, you are absolutely correct - apologies.


Had the chance to contact WG341's current owner/pilot on Faceache, he confirms that the stripes are black/yellow/blue.


It was mentioned by another poster on Faceache that the original UGSAS design, the square box version, was black & gold.


Apologies again!

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No need for an apology. The whole point in these forums is for individuals to pass on their knowledge and opinions and different references etc.... that way all available information can be used and hopefully at the end we all get the correct answer👍🏻

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