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HMS Royal Sovereign "R" Class Battleship Detail Set Atlantic Models 1:500 (ATEM50008)


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HMS Royal Sovereign "R" Class Battleship Detail Set
Atlantic Models 1:500 (ATEM50008)




The R Class were a class of5 ships designated superdreadnought battleships built for the Royal Navy from 1910. Only Revenge and Royal Oak were completed in time to see action in WWI. The ships were not modernised during the interwar years and at the start of WWII Royal Sovereign was assigned to the home fleet on convoy protection duties. While then assigned to the Eastern Fleet she was withdrawn to again escort convoys in East Africa.  On here return to Britain in early 1944 she was transferred  to the Soviet Navy, who renamed her Arkhangelsk. She then again escorted convoys in the Artic until the end of the war. The Soviets returned the ship in 1949, after inspection she was found to be in such poor condition (all the turrets were seized) that she was broken up for scrap.



The Set

This A5 sheet of PE from Atlantic Models gives a fairly comprehensive upgrade set for her wartime fit. It is designed for the Fog kit, this has been re-released over the years and some of the details are starting to become a bit soft. One of the main features is a complete set of railings for the ship. After that there are two 8 barrelled and two four barreled Pom Poms, plus eight 20mm single Oerlikons for AA defence. Platforms are provided for these guns where needed such as the one on B Turret.  For the antennas & radars you get a 285 AA Radar Yagi antenna, a type 282 Radar Yagi Antenna, a 279 & 281 radar antenna assembly and a 284 gunnery radar unit to fit to the director. Starting at the bow you get new focsle deck fittings. There is a shield for B Turret. On the shelter deck there are splinter shields for the 4" turrets, and a new shape aft deck section. The fore mast gets extra details, platforms and supports, as well as a new DF antenna, as well as the main starfish assembly. The main mast gets platforms for the 20mm guns, and a new platform and main radar unit. There is a new deck house for behind the main mast. At the rear there are shields for X turret and the Sea Plane catapult which sat on top of X Turret. A crane for recovery of the sea plane is also included. Other areas of note are new decks for the ships boats as well as davits for them and carley raft racks. 





Its good to see set being produced for older kits which can still hold their own and can benefit from the extra detail. Highly recommended. 




Review sample courtesy of Peter Hall of spacer.png



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