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Type 23 Frigate Sea Ceptor Upgrade Set Atlantic Models 1:350 (ATAC35022)


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Type 23 Frigate Sea Ceptor Upgrade Set
Atlantic Models 1:350 (ATAC35022)




The Sea Ceptor missile is a next-generation, ship-based, all-weather, air defence weapon system, it is the replacement in the Royal Navy for the Sea Wolf point Defence system. This was developed by MBDA under the Common Anti-Air Modular Missile (CAMM)  series of missiles which included the ASRAAM missile. The Sea Ceptor is capable of defending against missile and air threats not only to the firing vessel but in a wider envelope. It is also claimed to have a limited capability against small surface targets.  The system has been retro fitted to the Royal Navy's Type 23 Frigates and will be built into the new Type 26 Frigate.  



The Set

This set from Atlantic Models is an upgrade to Trumpeters 1/350 Type 23 kit. The kit contains resin, white metal and photo etched parts. The white metal parts are also cast in resin so the modeller can choose which to use. The main resin part in the set is a new vertical launch cell on the foredeck. While on the front of the vessel a new Kryten turret is included. The set also provides a new Artisan Radar array for the main mast, with a PE mast head and platform combined with a new resin radar antenna. There is a new mast sensor assembly for the main mast. For the top of the bridge the Type 911 director is replaced with a new resin data link radome, one of these is also fitted to the top of the hanger requiring the the radar deflector fences to be removed.  Als well as this another larger radome is also installed on the back of the hanger, and railings are provided for this area as well.  On the quarter deck a new 1087 Towed sonar is included in the set.  Two new 3D printed Atlantic 24 RHIBs are included to replace the older Atlantic 22s. For the funnel a new Radome and mounting platform is included.  The last item in this updatre set is a new resin & PE Wildcat Helicopter to replace the Lynx. 






Well, Atlantic Models have done it again, giving the modeller an option to produce the latest Type 23. Highly recommended. 




Review sample courtesy of Peter Hall of spacer.png



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There are quite a few changes from the original design, although I wasn't aware that the RHIB's had been upgraded as well, thanks for the update on that Julien.  Peter looks to have done a very good job on providing these essential parts for a later fit Type 23.



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