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Dear fellow modelers,


after regularly lurking at this board whenever I needed modeling inspiration (or a competent review of a certain kit), I want to give something back and hope to inspire others.


I was pretty much indifferent to the MiG-21 throughout my modeling life until I saw a shot of a Croatian version over the Adriatic Sea by aviation photography legend Katsuhiko Tokunaga. The scheme is included in Eduard’s Profi Pack edition of the MiG-21bis, but after seeing the current rate for the kit at the bay of E (not keen for the PE extras, too), I decided to go for the Weekend edition and a Begemot sheet for the Croatian markings.


The (excellent) kit is mostly OOB; I added some cables to the cockpit (the Weekend edition contains the extra parts for the Croatian version, it’s just not mentioned in the instructions – but you can download the Profi Pack instructions from Eduard’s website), a slightly converted Hasegawa Navy pilot, and recreated some missing PE fins from styrene bits. Begemot’s roundels seem a tad too large, and the aircraft number is actually for the two-seater, but it’s not like anybody can find this out over the internet, right?


Paints are custom mixes from Tamiya acrylics. Each color receives a flat basic pass and a lighter, irregular semi-gloss weathering pass. Panel lines are done with Gouache water color. The decals were oversprayed with the camo colors very lightly to bring down the saturation.












More & some WiP in my Flickr album


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Not only is  that a great build, but as the others have said, the colors and the scheme are awesome! Very, very attractive scheme. Sure wish we had a state of the art -bis in 1/72 scale, but IIRC, Eduard has stated they are not planning a -bis or UM in 1/72 scale. Curses, as those are my favorite two variants.


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Any chance of some underside shots of your amazing MiG?  I'm making the weekend edition MFN at the moment and am also opting for wheels up so any pointers on how the closed undercarriage covers should look would be great.  

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Thanks everbody for the warm welcome!


As for the paint scheme, each color is the result of two passes - flat base color and a lighter, semi-gloss weathering pass. The weathering pass is applied in an irregular manner and mostly kept within the fuselage panels. Mix ratios (all Tamiya scrylics) are:


Underside: Base color is Light Sea Grey XF-25, the baby blue is Sky X-14 (1 part) - Light Blue XF-23 (5) and White (10)

Camo Grey: Base is pure Light Grey XF-66, 2nd pass is Light Grey (1) - White (1)

Camo Green 1 (dark): Base is Deep Green XF-26 (1) - Light Blue XF-23 (1) - Sky X-14 (3), 2nd pass Flat Green Green (1) - Sky (6) - White (6)

Camo Green 2 (light): Base is Flat Green (3) - Yellow (1) - White (5), 2nd pass Flat Green (3) - Yellow (1) - White (8)


This photo shows the application of the weathering pass, with the specular highlights enhancing the contrast:




@alanbeeb The covers of the wheel bays fall nicely into place, but for the covers of the struts you need to glue stryrene strips to the lower wing part where the covers can rest upon. Some gaps are to remain open like on the real thing.




Good luck with the MFN!

Edited by Electric Indigo
corrected mix ratios
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