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Storage of Tubing and Rod


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Hi All


Apologies to the mods if this is in the wrong forum.


I have a selection of rod & tube from Albion Alloys (other suppliers are available!). Pieces I've bought more recently are inside clear plastic tubes while the older pieces are in plastic wallets & liable to damage.

Does anyone know a supplier of the plastic tubes (approx 320mm x 8mm OD)?




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You can buy Polycarbonate (rigid) tubing at 8mm from Amazon but it's Saffron-like expensive for what it is.  Have a look at Plastocks in High Wycombe, they seem to have a much less expensive product  https://www.plastock.co.uk/acrylic-extruded-clear-tube


I keep all my brass tubing in a Pringles container, about 200mm high, not perfect but sort of safe.



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I'll add my piece.

I keep lengths of profile plastic which is over 30cm long stored up right in a glass square vase stationed under my modelling desk.

As each piece gets used and cut shorter it graduates to a kitchen drawer cutlery tray in a desk drawer. Each section meant for the knives and forks etc will hold many lengths of plastic profile

Thin strips such as Slaters Microstrip is stored in a 'spaghetti' self-seal box which is kept in the same desk drawer as the tray. I store most of my plastic card sheet laying over the top of the cutlery tray

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