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Model Aircraft Extra - Building the Harrier - MA Publications

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Model Aircraft Extra - Building the Harrier (978191610541)

MA Publications




There can be no doubt the Harrier is one of Britain's iconic aircraft. The ability to take off and land vertically made it in a league of its own until the new F-35 arrived. While it was used by the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy,  US Marine Corps, The Spanish Navy, Indian Navy; and the Italian Navy. It is most famous for it's participation in the Falklands war. As well as this Harriers went on to serve in the Gulf War, over Bosnia, Libya and in Afghanistan.




This new magazine style publication from MA publication give us a look at the harrier and 13 builds across the two most popular scales of 1/72 & 1/48. Inter spaced between the builds are articles on the different types of Harrier and their use in the different conflicts they have taken part in; containing many photos which will be of interest, and use to the modeller. There are also 2 pages of 1:72 plans towards the middle of the book. The builds are;


  1. First Generation Duo - 1:48 Mongram AV-8A
  2. Artic Harrier - 1:48 Eduard Gr.7/9
  3. SHAR School - 1:48 Kinetic T.2/T.4
  4. So Long SHAR - 1:48 Kinetic FA2
  5. Vertical Reality - 1:48 Kinetic FA2
  6. VSTOL Radar Raider - 1:48 Hasegawa AV-8B
  7. Falkland Fighter - 1:48 Kinetic FRS.1
  8. Artic Training - 1:48 Kinetic T.2/T.4
  9. Marines Jumper - 1:72 Airfix AV-8A
  10. Hover and Out - 1:48 Kinetic FA2
  11. Spanish Matador - 1:72 Airfix GR.1
  12. Harrier in Helmond - 1:72 Airfix GR.7A/GR.9A
  13. Step-by-Step SHAR- 1:48 Airfix FA2




One of the good things about this is that is is not a "sponsored" publication. Different kits are used which are readily available, reasonably priced; and in terms of the older kits it is good to see them not forgotten.  The different modellers also use difference techniques and products on the various models so its good to be able to see them, and contrast their use. The reader will then be able to try a couple and see what works for them, rather than have the whole publication dedicated to a particular product or technique. 





This is a well put together publication for the modeller thinking of a building a Harrier. There is a good range of kits and techniques on show, as well as scale plans, and photos of the real thing. Highly recommended . 




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