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Old Dog, New tricks.

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New to Britmodeller after deciding to use the lockdown to try my hand after being away from the hobby for about 45 years. Hoping I can go someway to mastering some of the techniques that weren't around when I was a 14 year old.


It was all 1/72 when I were a lad, but the wife bought me a 1/48 Canberra PR9 a few years ago and that will be my starting point. Then planning on doing a Jaguar GR1, Tornado GR1 & Chinook as these are the aircraft I worked on in the RAF. Think the Nimrod may be a bit big at this scale though!

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2 hours ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Hello Wolie ... :post1: from the city of Chicago USA. Im mostly WW2 thru Cold-war aviation here, a salute for your service as well. 


Thanks Dennis, much appreciated.


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Hello mate, follow Vet here, (Army Air Corps...poor mans RAF, no hotels for us😂) ive done some modern tanks but have built a 1/72 Chinook but the American Nightstalkers one, i need to get that picture posted.


Anyway nice to meet you mate



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