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Prelude to Black Friday - 9th February 1945

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Prelude to Black Friday - 9th February 1945

Not showing the clash between allied and axis forces directly.

My image is showing the first units of JG5 from Herdla entering the scene of Fördesfjord, western Norway, where the Black Friday clash took place on february 9th 1945 as RAF Dallachy Beaufighters is attacking the german destroyer Z33 and suporting vessels in the area.
The Fw190A-8 Blue 4 was piloted by Rudi Linz, a 69 kills ace, whom also was killed that day. Shot down by an escorting 65 Sqn Mustang.
10 allied and 5 german planes were shot down. 18 allied and 2 german airmen were either KIA or Prioners.
Perhaps my scene should have had more smoke and Flak from the attacked ships, but I think I like it as it is.


Participating RAF units were
9 Beaufighters from 144.(RAF) Squadron
11 Beaufighters from 404. (RCAF) Squadron
11 Beaufighters from 455. (RAAF) Squadron
12 Mustang MK IIIs from 65. (RAF) Squadron
2 Warwick MK Is from 279. (RAF) Squadron
Axis units were:
9 Focke-Wulf Fw 190 from 9. Staffel
3 Focke-Wulf Fw 190 from 12.Staffel



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Superb! I love the light, and the residual fuel coming out of the drop tank is a great touch!


Excellent work Nils!



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Thank you Keith, glad you like it..

By depicting the prelude to the battle, I feel it’s more up to the wiever to decide what’s happening next..

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