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Hey all


has anyone had any experience with Bandai kits? Doing a little research they seem to be snap together kits rather than adhesive? I’m thinking about a Star Wars X-wing or Tie fighter kit but I’ve never heard of Bandai. 

thanks all. 

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Hi Alan, can't help with the new Bandai kits other than to say you can always add glue!

Bandai started back in the late '40's, got their break in the early '60's. During the '70's they were probably best known, over here, for their large scale kits, things like the large traction engine, 1900's fire engine etc.

Only thing I will add is the type of plastic they used to use tended to be quite brittle, forewarned is forearmed.


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I would be surprised if Bandai isn't the largest model manufacturer in the world right now. Don't hesitate to get Bandai kits, especially their newer Star Wars ones. Their tolerances are crazy tight because they need to be able to snap together. You'll see amazing stuff like different colored parts on one sprue gate. Great kits if you just want to slap something together, or as a base for a full paint/weathering workup. Details are very crisp.


I would also disagree with @PhoenixII's assessment of brittle plastic - the majority of what they make are Gundam kits, and a lot of them are handled like toys. What he may be referring to is that the plastic Bandai uses become brittle when interacting with common enamel weathering products (like Tamiya Panel Liner). This has been known to crumple the plastic at joints or where it pools. Coat the entire model with an acrylic or lacquer clear coat before trying such things, and don't let enamels seep anywhere. Or try alternate weathering products. 


If you want to check out their quality of Star Wars kits, plenty of YouTube videos. Just be warned when you come across their PG Millennium Falcon - you bank account might start sweating. 

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Aww mate I was looking at the millennium falcon. Not sure I could justify to myself (and more importantly my wife!) the nearly £300 price tag!


thanks for the advice. 

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