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Luftwaffe concepts collection

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Hello guys I've completed a few projects of Luftwaffe concepts. I will group them all in here as I do them. Here we go. 


Bv P.212 03 Strahljager Special Hobby 







Bv P.211 Special Hobby 






Bv AE607 RS Models








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Love the concept aircraft as I like oddball, unusual and anything different plus the endless possibilities of camo and camo colours.

Well done on your two models.

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When I was a kid I thought I knew a bit about Luftwaffe airplanes.  🤣


Then I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark and wondered where they came up with the idea for the Nazi flying wing.  Later I discovered it was actually a pretty decent riff on the Pervitin-fueled confections the German designers concocted, which may or may not have gotten off the drawing board.  Do you remember the old Huma Modell and Pioneer 2 kits?


I'm a sucker for off-wall oddball esoterica, please keep them coming!  😎

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