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Into Position - Tamiya Merkava 1:35 Israeli Main Battle Tank Mk 1

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(I hope i have posted this in the right place, if not please Mods, remove it)

Hello Everybody, first time posting pictures of my Model Dioramas here, and looking at what everybody else has posted i feel a bit intimidated😬 netherless here we go🙌

Bit of background first, ive done some basic modelling in the past but this was the first time i had bought and built a model tank with a setting in mind. Looking at the real life tank online after purchasing it on a whim, i saw that it was in a desert environment, and i wanted to replicate it.


In the end i have it in a diorama that i am kind of happy with and it also kickstarted the need to do more!(2 more have been done since this, with one more in process)

The Model is a Tamiya Merkava 1:35 Israeli Main Battle Tank Mk 1, though I've binned the box so i cant remember if it was a Mk1 or not.


For the diorama base i used a insulation foam board which i melted the ruts into(slightly a bit out of size tbh) and to fill i used a mix of plaster of Paris and Sculptamold along with rock moulds.


In any case thank you for looking and ill look forward to your critiques😁




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On 20/02/2021 at 22:32, desert falcon said:

Welcome aboard @Rossco_builds, both the MBT and the diorama are looking very good 👍 


Looking forward to see more of your work. 


Thank you mate, its very much appreciated. I have a couple more dioramas to post at some point too when i get a chance.

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2 hours ago, Ernst said:

I like the colour of the merkava, smooth paintjob and vey effective weathering.



Thank you Ernst for your kind words, though being my first outing on trying a Diorama and a 1/35 Scale tank i certainly learned a lot from this build(and made a few mistakes that i had to hide too!)

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