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1/48 Revell Tornado GR.4, 617sqn. Grey and a not too dirty

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That's a splendidly presented model. As Farmerboy pointed out, your working of the grey is masterful. Panel lines/rivets/fasteners are picked out, but not too pronounced. I like the dirty tail and otherwise restrained weathering.


Thirty years ago now (gulp!) I was lucky enough to see a 617 Squadron RAF Tornado at The Australian International Airshow, Avalon. Noisiest demonstration of the day. Almost thirty years before that, I watched in awe as Vulcan B.2 XL472 of 617 Squadron rent apart the air above RAAF Laverton. I was only ten years old. I remember both occasions with fondness. I like 617 Squadron aircraft; they're noisy.

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5 hours ago, JF-E said:

Really nice job !...I love that bomb truck ! 👏👏👏

My next kit...😊


PS: Where does the decals come from ?

Thank you. The decals came with the kit. Revell 04924



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