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Making an explosion - without loads of cotton wool…

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I'm wanting to create a small explosion for a small vignette piece. Probably something like an SPG hit into concrete. So rubble flying out at speed

Does anyone have any technique suggestions or links to a step-by-step for something similar?

I'd like to avoid clouds of cotton wool though…

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On another modelling forum a chap used hot-melt glue.

afair as he put down a thin layer of glue in a WWWW shape he embedded very small stones, bits of twig,  et cetera in the melted glue. then went over it again.

I think he did this work on a panel cut from a plastic milk jug. The glue didn't stick to it. He then peeled the WWWW off and rolled it up to make a big V shape, On the hollow bottom of the V he attached a flashing yellow/orange LED. The LED flashes intermittently, not at a constant rate, it flickers. You can get those in LED tea-lights.

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If you put 'modelling explosions' into Pinterest' you get images like these.  Do they help?  There are some amazing ones out there, including U-boat, Star Wars vehicles etc....







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Thanks for the suggestions.


I'm going to attempt to create the effect I have in mind with a can of expanding builder's foam. Not had a chance to try it yet, but think that with some experimentation I can get it to mimic both plume and blast.


This is the effect I'm hoping to emulate… Just superb.



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