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Australian Abrams, which kit?

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Hello all, 

Which of the many Abrams kits out there would be most suitable for building an M1A1 as outfitted for the Australian army? Other than the totally rad tricolor camouflage, do the Australian Abramses have any specific upgrades/configurations? 

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the link below gives you all the info needed to build (almost) an Oz M1A1


1/35 Meng kit TS-032 - USMC M1A1 AIM / US Army TUSK main battle tank
Build and Australian Abrams AIM tank by M.Hoyne (and Jason Miller)




we have a fridge in the rear turret basket and this link shows a 1/16 one



you would be best served purchasing SMS supplies paints especially for the green, the only major commercial colour that was close was Humbrol's French Art. Green


and the light sand colour which isn't sand but a brown and depending on the age of the paint sometimes had a pinkish tinge


and in the U.S. of A. are the following stockist  has the combined set for $36.99



decals - all i could find even Echelon are out of stock



hope this help


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while it is forty bucks for the paint it is quite accurate as SMS is an Australian company, i have the green and brown for my M113AS4 and I am happy with the match but otherwise good luck with the Aust colours 20 years in the Aust military and vehicles up the ying yang but it was still difficult to match, for the brown do not use Vallejo Iraqi Sand to light and to yellow try model masters 1742 dark tan with about 10-15% 1735 wood worked well to my eye, but for the green first off do not use FS34102 this is not even close, you could try mixing Tamiya XF-62:3 + XF-52:3 + XF-2:1 or maybe Vallejo 70.968-83


there is an AK interactive set but I have been advised it is poo-poo so avoid


just found this.... get it, it is a fantastic match and a whole $1.99 from Florida



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to order you need to:

To place an order, just email your requirements listing the code, description and destination.  We will then get back to you with a total price including postage and handling.
If you wish to pre order any items, please send an email of what you would like. Delivery times for such items will be dependant on the supplier. Further details upon request.
All items listed are in stock, unless otherwise stated. All items ordered will be held for period of 5 working days (excludes pre orders), after which time any outstanding orders will be cancelled.


under the order tab it also details payment methods and for non-Australian residents PayPal is one option.

to e-mail them click the contact tab and fill in the information

and in the comment section list the following:

Australian M1A1 AIM Abrams Pt.2
Item #: D356176

Washington D.C.

and anything else you wish to add.


good luck

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