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Fiat 500F - 1/12 Italeri

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I am not really a vehicle modeller but I've owned a few 595 Competizione Abarth's over the last 10 years or so, so I thought I would have a go at making a model of a proper 500. Here is Italeri's 1/12 kit, I used Tamiya's rattle can paint through an airbrush. I'm a bit too young to know if the interior choice of colours match the exterior paint job, or even if Fiat ever used that shade of turquoise? It's only a model after all....


I think this took me about 2 weeks to build, and I was sufficiently reminded at the end of it why I dislike making vehicles and stopped doing so back in the 1980's; my attempt's door hinges never hang properly on my models, bonnet wouldn't sit flat, boot would close properly etc etc. I did however manage to get the curvature of the kits window parts to fit properly using warm water as they came out of the box and off their sprue trees pretty flat. 


Micro Krystal Clear was used to attach the glazing - that was about the only fun part. Please enjoy her.















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Very nice.

The interior seems a lot more colourful than I remember on either of my mum's 500s, everything apart from the exposed bodywork was black except (possibly) the steering wheel and speedo.

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Cars are a pain in *! I'm the same as you, haven't built one in ages and having nightmares with a Fujimi Shelby Cobra right now! I'll stick to bikes!

This does look great though, you should be proud!

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Thank you all for the kind words and feedback here. Given the cost of the model (albeit discounted at an IPMS show) I felt obliged to build it rather than leave it in the stash knowing how much I don't really enjoy building vehicles and leave it to the experts normally.



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