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Warhammer 40k Space Marine Eradicators

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Hi all,


Warhammer 40k is my go to hobby for the most part and I branch into scale every so often, but as I have a rather large pile of shame. The warhammer needs to get done before I indulge myself in other scales. Here's a Gamesworkshop Space Marine Eradicator squad from the Indomitus limited release set that came out mid-2020 and I'm only finishing these now. The symbols are freehand with the exception of the fist on the left pauldron and the weathering is done with a mix of brushed oils and acrylics with sponge weathering in places.


Overall I'm very pleased and C&C is very much appreciated!


Fire Support Squad Kato


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Nice Eradicators, i'm working my through the Indomitus Set i will be onto these soon myself, i have just finished the BladeGuard Veteren Squad.

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Thanks everyone for the kind comments!


@Blade2009 It seems we've gone opposite ways with the set! I'm currently painting up my Bladeguard from Indomitus. Great value set.

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