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Flight Deck vehicles for British Aircraft carriers in 1/700

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Flight Deck vehicles for British Aircraft carriers, the only ones we could buy were produced by White Ensign models which are no longer available, with the many more U.K. carriers now on the market,could someone please make something. Lucky the tractors style did not change much from the 1950,s right up modern times. Could one the manufactures produce a universal set in 1/700.
Carriers they would go with
Colossus Class
Ark Royal & Eagle
Invincible Class
Hermes Class
Ocean Class
Queen Elizabeth class 2020
Fearless and Intrepid Assault Landing ships
What If carriers HMS Malta (Resin kit out of produced) and 1:700 'HMS Queen Elizabeth' CVA-01 1966 Design produced by IHP plastic kit ,check their website for more details.
Yes there is 3D ones available on the market ,they are only for U.S. ships.
Please add ships that might have missed.

This is the only photo I can find of the old WEM vehicles


That's then on my Hermes model built in 2014



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I was planning to get these done a couple of years ago but it fell through, it is something needed though.  Any help with information on the cranes would be useful as that has been a sticking point.


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Hi Mike 

               Didn't realise you had answered this ,which cranes do you need photos on .found this ,it's the tractors I really need .Thanks 



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