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Hello all, I have recently finished Tamiya's Honda S600. It is a tiny car, probably 2/3rd of a normal size car. The fit of the kit is ok, probably a little more problematic than recent Tamiya standards. Chromed everything with Alclad. Used tamiya spray white mixed with some tamiya acrylic earth to get a classic car color from 60's. Used automotive gloss as the top coat and applied alclad for the trims over it. Thanks for your comments...


































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That looks great,  superb build of what is a very good kit. You've done a very nice job on that paint, including the chrome strips which take some doing to get that neat. I had the same issue with getting the body on - it's surprising how tricky it is to get on for such a slab sided car.

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Beautiful! I really like the colour you mixed up, and the finish is excellent. Lovely interior too!



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Very nice build! You nailed that ‘60’s “ivory/ bone” off-white that was so popular on sports cars back then. Your photography is excellent as well, several of the shots could be mistaken for a 1:1 car.

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