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GBU-54 JDAM (MK 82) Bombs (USAF & USN) (209232 & 209132) 1:32 VideoAviation.com

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GBU-54 JDAM (MK 82) Bombs (USAF & USN) (209232 & 209132)

1:32 VideoAviation.com




The GBU-54 or JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) is a guidance kit which converts various dumb bombs ito GPS Guided Munitions, in this case the Mk.82 bomb. A further development is the Laser JDAM. This retains the accuracy of the GPS weapon with the ability to engage moving targets being lased by ground unit. The laser unit (DSU-38/B) communicates with the fuse in the tail with a fixed wire harness running along the bomb body. 


The Bombs

They arrive in videoaviation's standard clear clam-shell box with an insert showing the bombs. The bombs are split into the main body and the tail for moulding reasons. The USN weapons have the ablative coating moulding on. There are small runs of bomb lugs, and GPS antennas. There is also a small sheet of decals for each set with different marking between the USN & USAF.














Another quality product from Videoaviation. If you're planning on bombing up your 1/32 USN/USAF modern aircraft then you need to look at these. Highly recommended. 


USAF bin.jpg


USN bin.jpg


Review samples courtesy of



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