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To Anyone Considering Tamiya Model Magazine


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They have a long running problem with the subscription gift.

Over the years I have looked at the Tamiya magazine on the newsagent shelf and have always felt “looks nice but a bit on the thin side, not good value for  money, certainly not when compared with Airfix Magazine”.


But last October, I had another look and noticed that to entice a two year subscription they are offering a set of flexible tapes.  Now often gifts are not want I want or something I already have but this time it was something that I might buy  and when I factored that in, the price of the magazine became more acceptable.


So I ordered the subscription safe in the knowledge that that it clearly states that if they don’t have the gift then you will be notified before any money is taken.  Well money was taken so naturally I presumed all was okay.


So first magazine arrived, no gift.  I waited a few weeks, still no sign, so I called them.


Seems there is a long running problem which had been going on for many months before I subscribed.  The tapes are no longer available to the distributor, Shesto, who have been trying to source alternatives.  For over six months customers have been told that an alternative has been sourced and will be available in two weeks.  I have been told this same story “in two weeks” every month for the last four months and to be honest it is beginning to wear a little thin and it feels like I’m being fobbed off with fibs.


They continue to advertise the same gift in the magazine and even in eMails without any mention of the long running problem.


So if you are considering the magazine, attracted by the gift, give them a call first to see what the situation is.





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