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HMS Vanguard (S28) SSBN (Bronco Models 1:350)

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Picked this up as a way of getting back to the bench after a long dry period in 2020. Brush painted with Tamiya Acrylics, finished with a brush painted coat of floor polish. Base is an old piece of scrap wood (I think it was from an old chopping board that split) with a couple of coatings of decking oil. Build thread (limited that it is) can be found here.


thanks for looking.











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6 hours ago, Stew Dapple said:

Nice job Simon, it's got a very Gerry Anderson 'Submarine of the future' look about it B) 





Thanks. I know what you mean. The Astute class sub I built while back has a similar “futuristic” look - may be a feature of UK sub designers?



3 hours ago, ArnoldAmbrose said:

Gidday Simon, I think that's a very good-looking model. I'd very much like to see it at WASMEx this year. Regards, Jeff.

thanks - kind of you to say so, however not sure it’s really that sort of standard. The photos are hiding a fair bit!

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52 minutes ago, SimonL said:

kind of you to say so, however not sure it’s really that sort of standard.

Gidday, Yes it is. Besides, there isn't a set 'standard' for models to achieve before they can be entered. And I also used to feel the same way. But not anymore. I've been submitting models now for about five years I think, and some of them are a bit rough or crude. But I enjoy submitting them, hoping to encourage more 'average' (ie the majority of us) modelers to do the same. And the final clincher - subs are a bit under represented. Please give it some thought. Regards, Jeff.

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seeing this has reminded me that I have 3 models of The Kursk to build. Your Sub looks beautiful, a nice way to get back to the bench for you. Good stuff, and nice and British too.

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