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Lindberg Transport and Satellite Rockets

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Out of my very, very long queue of things waiting to be finished - the Lindberg rockets from an '80s or '90s reissue. What held them up was me wanting to finish them in their original 1950's markings. So while I was busy drafting decals for a stupidly large number of projects, I did these. I matched images of the original boxtops, plus I found images of an original build-up for sale on some on-line site, which showed a couple of markings I'd never seen before. Still have to add a couple red squares and bullseye shapes to the winged spacecraft (I think I got them reversed from side to side on the one ship I did put them on), so next decal sheet I draft, I'll Finish finish them. Someday.   










Pure '50s kid stuff. What's not to like?



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Thanks for all the kind words. And, no, I have no idea what they were thinking with the arrows. But, Michael - your suggestions might not be too far off the mark.  I was just just trying to figure out how the Buran elevons worked, and came across this photo of the US 747 carrier's shuttle mount in my shuttle files.




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