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1:32 Fokker D.VII (Alb.) Sevens Swabians from Wingnut Wings D.VII (Fok.) "Early"

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49 minutes ago, RichieW said:

This is looking superb, it's a shame you've been held up by the post. 

Thank you very much! By the way: i really dig your Sopwith Triplane - excellent build.

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Hurray, i´m back: the cowling parts by aviattic are here! And they are beautiful. Just the customs fees were a real rip off! I´ve ordered These parts plus some decals for my Meng Dr.I (which are just exquisit too) worth some £65,- incl. shipping and they charged about £20,- 😩 Seems like buing from China is cheaper now post brexit… 😠


Whatever, i´m looking forward to go on with the build now. For i´ve already used the kits parts for these triangular  fabric panels on the fuselage sides i will only use aviattic´s hatches here - a bit of cautious sanding down the resin will be required. And the fun goes on!





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Good to see this underway again, I'm looking forward to more updates! 😀

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