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FlyPast magazine: anyone understand the notice with the March 2021 issue?

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There's a sheet of paper with the subscriber copy of the March issue headed 'Important Information About Your FlyPast Subscription' which I've failed to understand. And I've read it lots.


Amongst the 25 or so lines of text there's phrases like:

" . . . impact has been felt financially . . . . certain sacrifices must be made"


" . . we have adjusted our UK subscription postage service . . ."


That last point may be the key but  'adjusted'  can mean anything. There's no statement about a cost change.


I may be being daft (it happens) in having no idea what this is supposed to mean - can anyone help me out ?


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You're not alone, very poor communication, "we've adjusted our postage service" but we won't tell you what it is...……. 🙄

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Instead of being posted first class - they now go second class? 

Or instead of using an external company to do the posting for them, they now do it in house?

(wife works for a charity and they use mailing companies for all their appeals - all designed in house, but printed and sent out from an external company)


I subscribe to Airfix Magazine and there was nothing in that this month about any changes to the subscription service, and that's published by Key Publishing as well, so don't know if it is just limited to Flypast or not.

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