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Here is my version of Revell's 1/72 Tornado and my first completed build for 2021. My original intention had been to model a GR1 from the Operational Evaluation Unit based at Boscombe Down using a ModelDecal sheet. However the thickness of the carrier film put me off and I decided to use the kit decals instead to make ZD748 from No.9 squadron.


It's pretty much OOB although I used a metal pitot tube from www.master-model.pl and made some wing seals from Milliput. I also chopped down the front nosewheel to give the model a better stance. General weathering was done with a Flory wash after the matt varnish coat; Alclad Jet Exhaust was used for the exhaust staining on the fin. I made myself a new generic runway from the cardboard envelopes used by Amazon for mailing out books: Humbrol 121 (Pale Stone) followed by a coat of Humbrol 147 (Light Grey) finished off with a Flory wash.









Richard C

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2 hours ago, neil5208 said:

Nice work, I have this one in the stash any issues in the build?

No major build issues. I think the biggest challenge was deciphering where the stencils should go from the less than stellar B&W instructions! I ended up using the box art and other photos found online to work out what goes where. I ended up putting in some plasticard shims to get the wings to sit right and be symmetrical (the working wing mechanism makes everything a bit floopy). I would also recommend cutting down the front nose wheel otherwise the nose will sit too high. 

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On 2/7/2021 at 6:54 PM, ColinChipmunkfan said:

Very nice looking Tornado- any chance of more pictures??

In line with @ColinChipmunkfan's request, I managed to take a few more pics







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Lovely work and a great base too!

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