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Kinetic 1/48th Pucara

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Well, I enjoyed that! I've been waiting to build one of these ever since Kinetic announced it for what seems like ages ago now. 

Built straight from the box except for decals which came from Aztecs Falklands sheet 48-048.

Parts are exquisitely detailed throughout particularly the underside of the fuselage and the undercarriage bays. The only real complaint I have, (and its been mentioned on the previews), is the lack of instrument panel detail such as dials etc. I'm sure we'll be seeing some aftermarket parts from Yahu and Eduard no doubt so in the meantime I just used some generic ones from Airscale. Truthfully tho' you can't actually see much as they're in black underneath shrouds. It may be feasible to retrofit some when the time time comes but I'm happy with them for now. Just seems a little strange that's all, considering the quality of the rest of the model.

I just about managed to get the nose wheel to balance OK but I could have done with a few more grams. It's not as tho' there's no room.

Markings wise, as I said I opted for one of the aircraft on the Aztec Falklands sheet. It would appear that Pucaras arrived  in the Falklands unpainted and according to a quote in the MMP book The Pucara story, (which was a great reference for the build anyway)''We painted them as we thought they ought to be painted. We did not have blueprints or paint references. We just did the camo patterns in the spur of the moment and we mixed the enamels with the colours we had available.''

Working on that theory I've tried to give the paint a somewhat tatty look and very slightly overpainted the edges of markings and stencils to represent for the want of a better phrase, 'hastily applied masking tape'

There are some approximate colours given on the decal sheet so I just went along with those and I think they're acceptable. I'm just not sure if this particular aircraft has the yellow theatre stripes on the wings as well as the tail. Some do, some don't. I haven't yet found a photo of this actual aircraft.  I worked on the theory that its easier to add them later if they do rather than take them off it it doesn't. Oh, and another nice tough are the addition of the photoetch static wicks for the wing tips tail and rudder. How long they last on there before I knock them off is anyones guess...

Anyway, thanks for looking and as I said it comes highly recommended by me. Nice one Kinetic.















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This really looks wonderful!  If the panels are really flat you might be able to add Quinta's 3D panel decals after the fact when/if they release them.  I was thinking of doing the same thing with Zeveda's Su-57.  Love the paint job you have done here, looks very realistic

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Very nice Keith,..... lovely build. I made a 1/48th resin one years ago and it is a big model isn`t it? 


All you need now are some SAS lads to finish it off,..... literally!




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Great looking build and excellent paint work. I appreciate, too, the comments regarding the kit quality.

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hello Keith,

Job well done.

This aircraft type will be remembered for a long time.

Very successful design and skillfully  flown by Argentine aviators.

Regards, Orion.


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Well done Keith!  You beat me, but them I'm not exactly the fastest modeller under the sun :lol:


What colours did you use BTW?  I'm picking shades at the moment in my build :hmmm:

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41 minutes ago, Mike said:

Well done Keith!  You beat me, but them I'm not exactly the fastest modeller under the sun :lol:


What colours did you use BTW?  I'm picking shades at the moment in my build :hmmm:

Hi Mike, ah, well, thats a good question. The easy one was the blue underside and that I decided would be AK Real Color RC239 AirSupiriority Blue with some white added just to tone it down.

The brown was based on Humbrol 9 (Tan) and mixed with Humbrol 121 (Pale Stone) If you didn't want to mix I think you'll find that US Vietnam Tan (FS30219) is fairly close but I felt it could be a little more 'orange'. The green was based on Humbrol 131, again with some white added till I thought it matched the approximate FS number Aztec quote. Sorry, can't give you the ratios as I just matched them to the relevant (approximate) FS numbers given on the Aztec sheet. But as I said in the write up there were no hard and fast rules as they were painted on arrival so I would assume even aircraft painted with the same colours would be slightly different.(if that makes sense?) In fact, one of the captured aircraft used for trials by Boscombe Down (ZD485) was repainted in this scheme.

Of course the kit scheme is different anyway and much, much lighter so I can't help on that I'm afraid.  And so are the other two on the Aztec sheet)

Have fun.

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