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1/72 Su-34 as a "Jolly Roger"


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In december I was visiting one of my friends. We planned to finish large scale post-apo tank based on M60 but build wasn't going in right way. So after quick raid through boxes of unbuild models we decided to move along with Italeri Su-34 with Neomega cockpit set. We couldn't  just finish it OOB, we just had to do sth differently. So...we painted it in USN scheme, used Jolly Rogers Sqn. markings and mix of Russian and NATO ordnance. We used Tamiya and Mr Hobby range, Tamiya Weathering Sets and of course Ammo Starship Wash :)
We build carrier deck with a piece of plywood and that was it. Total build time was no longer than 24 hours. Hope you'll like it :)


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37 minutes ago, Abandoned Project said:

@TallBlondJohn the picture link doesn't seem to be working. i've tried chrome, edge and android. a USN SU-27 sounds pretty tasty. looking forward to the pic


Works for me in Firefox - might be something to do with the original site. here's a link to the USN page:





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