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Sd.Ah 115 Flatbed Trailer 1:72 Special Armour (72022)


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Sd.Ah 115 Flatbed Trailer

1:72 Special Armour (72022)




The Sonderanhänger 115 or Sd.Ah 115 trailer was designed in 1937 for transporting the then light weight tanks such as the Pz.I, Pz.II, Pz.38(t) or Pz.35(t), but on its flatbed, it could carry any military vehicle of a total weight of up to 10,000 Kgs. To pull the trailer, heavy lorries Faun L900 or Büssing-NAG 900A were often used. Those vehicles were able to carry one tank on their platform and another one on the Sd.Ah 115 trailer. In field, a Sd.Kfz 7 half track vehicle could also be used to pull the trailer. The Sd.Ah 115 trailers were seen in service throughout the war, mainly during the Polish and French campaingns. They were used to transport military vehicles to the front line and also to remove wrecked or damaged vehicles to repair yards or even to move enemy’s captured vehicles.



The Kit

This is the a new tool kit from Special Hobby which arrives on two sprues of plastic and a small decal sheet (not shown). The parts are crisp as you would expect from a new tool kit. The main flatbed is one part to which everything else attaches. The turntable front axle is the first thing to be constructed. The leaf spring suspension connects the axle to the turntable with an airtank being attached. The neck of the trailer is then built up and attached to the trailer. The rear axle with its mud guards can then be built up. This can be attached to the trailer or left as a separate part depending on how you wish to use the trailer as this would detach to load the equipment on. The wheels can then be built up and attached to the axles. The front axle attaching to the trailer. The drawbar then attaches to the front. Rear loading ramps can then go on the rear of the trailer if using for a loading diorama, or fixed to the trailer if using it on its own, or to carry a vehicle. 








Markings are supplied on the very small sheet for the number plates and a single white marking number. 







This is a good looking model in 1.72 and should be welcomed by the small scale armour modellers. Recommended. 




Review sample courtesy of



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