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1/24 - Fokker Dr.I by Meng - released


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After the 1/32nd kit "inherited" from late WnW, Meng is to release a 1/24th Fokker Dr.1 kits

- ref. QS003 - Fokker Dr.1

- ref. QS003s - Fokker Dr.1 + Blue Max Medal







MENG now releases another Fokker Dr.I, the QS-003 Fokker Dr.I Triplane. The 1/24 scale product can better show the features of this legendary triplane. The finished model will be 299.99mm wide and 243.2mm long. This kit includes precision PE parts and clear parts.

This 1/24 scale model features better details. The airborne machine guns have one-piece metal cooling jackets and PE gun sights.

The air-cooled rotary engine is a typical product of its times. The 1/24 scale engine features more realistic and detailed construction.

This model features accurate wing structure and realistic fabric covering.

The wheels are highly detailed. The text and canvas texture are replicated.

The classic legend deserves a more detailed replica. More exciting details will be revealed later. Stay tuned.















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Can we just knock on the head the idea that Meng inherited the kit. I know it's based on the reality that they were contracted to develop and mould it for WNW, but I've seen it used endlessly to bash them as if they'd stolen it . Which they did not. (Not getting at you V.P. just trying to preempt needless agro). The current story is that the move to 1/24th was also at the behest of WNW as part of a new line, so this was the first. As such I'd expect, and certainly hope, the parts and sprue layout would be redesigned, because  same as going to a smaller scale, the amount of detail you can include changes, which should be reflected in the parts breakdown.


Mind you, if they listen to feedback and/or are wise, they might do the wings in top and bottom halves. The triplane is a relatively small aircraft but still, it'll be getting to the limit of reliable moulding, as much  for shrinkage and sink marks as for warpage.

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  • Homebee changed the title to 1/24 - Fokker Dr.I by Meng - released
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