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"Dunkelgelb" base coat now applied. (Otherwise known as Humbrol 94)







Camouflage-wise I'm thinking about Richard Freiherr Von Rosens' "300" from Panzer Abteilung 503 as the subject; or something close.

With that in mind I have a couple of questions for the experts.

The monochrome photos of his KT show the three colour pattern. The lightest tone, I think, must be the dunkelgelb. The mid and dark tones are not so easy to interpret. My initial thought is dark tone = green and medium tone = red-brown. Does anyone know for sure?


Also some of the KTs in photos I've seen of Pz. Abt. 503 have a rectangular plate/board on the side of the turret toward the rear with a semi-circle cut out at one end. It looks like these items might just be hung on the turrets rather than fixed. Anyone know what these were for?


Thanks in anticipation


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Experimented by removing colour from a pic of my green/red-brown/dunkelgelb Panther. In the monochrome image the green shows up as the mid-tone so I'll go with that in interpreting Pz.Abt. 503 historic pics for the camouflage.


Unless anyone has a definitive answer from somewhere else.

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Beginnings of some mud to conceal the gaps in the track links.





More to be done but a little progress at least.

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