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1:72 Kawasaki C-1 from Wing Factory


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Once upon a time North Wing Model Craft also proposed produced some 1/72nd C-1 resin kits.


- ref. NMC72003 - Kawasaki C-1 - JASDF Tactical Transporter Kawasaki C-1








- ref. NMC72006 - Kawasaki EC-1 - JASDF ECM trainer Kawasaki EC-1






And we can expect a 1/48th C-1 kit by One Man Model late this year.




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59 minutes ago, Homebee said:

Once upon a time North Wing Model Craft also proposed some 1/72nd C-1 resin kits


Proposed and produced - I have one of each in the stash. A shame North Wing Model Craft ceased production - they had some interesting subjects.


And before that, Raccoon Resins produced a 1:72 kit of the transport version.

Looking at the Wing Factory site, they appear to do completed / desk-top type models as well - it wouldn't surprise me if they decided to sell these in kit form as well as completed. (Where they are using their own kits - the 1:72 P-3 family appear to be the Hasegawa kit, suitably modified.)

I await with curiosity to see whether the Wing Factory kit changes One Man Model's plans for his 1:72 C-1 kit - in the same way the Mach 2 DC-8 kit caused his plans for a 3D printed kit of that type to be put aside. Possibly not, given the need to do the research and modelling anyway, for the 1:48 C-1 kit; plus the price, lack of interior and current lack of variants of the Wing Factory kit may result in a One Man Model 3D printed kit in 1:72 still being viable.



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I have the T-400 from Wing Factory, and can say that the quality is poor. The overall shape is good, but the basics such as panel lines are sloppy.


The whole nose is cast in clear resin. Nice idea, except that you cannot see through it!.


The one innovative feature is the clear cabin windows cast into the normal resin fuselage halves. Very clever, and you can see through them.


I hope the C-1 is better, i am building the NWMC EC-1. It is way ahead of Wing Factory, but still a hard build



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