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Flagship forever——1/700 HMS Victory 104-gun first-rate ship of the line

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The build photos were very interesting and the painting techniques. Apart from the photo etched parts, what was actually used for the rigging? Was it very fine wire, stretched plastic spurs or something else?

The kit makes up into a realistic miniature as shown in the hands of a very good modeller.

Congratulations on a superb model sailing ship model.

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Thank you all!

On 2/10/2021 at 3:14 PM, Noel Smith said:

In my last post stretched plastic spurs should read stretched plastic sprue.

It's the Modelkasten metal rigging.

It's the best quality rigging I have used, so easy to glue and very stable to hold its shape(because it's metal).

It also gives the very natural curve effect due to its character(metal).

Highly recommended!

(Sorry their home page is only in Japanese.)

Modelkasten rigging products



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Truly stunning; the detail, painting, rigging and the wider collection - very, very jelly. I much prefer the yellow you've done to the pinkish hue they currently have on her too. 


I've also put my 1:700 model of this from somewhere else to one side after having purchased the artist hobby version (on sale). Now I just need to photoshop my hand onto yours to be happy with 'my' build... David

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What a stunning build. Thank you also for putting the 'how I did it' photographs on here.


I had looked at this kit when it first came out, and I thought I would like to have a go at it, this intensifies that opinion. I just have to save up for it.


I would also like to say what fabulous photographs they are too.


All the best,



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I've seen 1/100 scale VICTORYs that aren't rigged as well as that; it is extremely impressive.  I take my hat off to you sir.

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Thank you all for your encouragement!

It makes all effort and time invested so worthy!


I believe modelling is like some spiritual exercise.

There is simply no short cut to the final result, so it's so fair to everyone.

The more you spent your time, the more suffering and struggling you felt, the more satisfied result you will get.


Not an easy hobby especially in nowadays fast paced life, but it will not dissappear since the satisfaction it brings to people is simply unreplacable.

Just some of my thoughts. :) 


Thank you again!



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Dear Yufei:


Amazing work... thanks so much for sharing!!! Pure inspiration....!


May I ask which Modelkasten wire you used? And what kind of glue did you use to secure it in place?


Please advise.




Mike E.

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