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Flagship forever——1/700 HMS Victory 104-gun first-rate ship of the line

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This is my first work finished in 2021, also the last work finished in the year of the rat. :)

It's the 1/700 full resin kit released by Artist Hobby.

I got the kit as a present from Artist Hobby boss so I tried to build it ASAP to appreciate his kindness.


The kit quality is very high, I also tried to weld the 4 masts since they were all assembled by brass rods.

Besides the small boats from Flyhawk, I used Northstar 1/700 sailor resin figures and Modelkasten 0.06mm metal rigging.

HMS Victory just used up a whole full set of brand new metal rigging!

Yes sailship rigging is indeed some nightmare...


Overall I enjoyed the built and HMS Victory, the flagship forever of RN, has always been must for my RN collection and now one little dream comes true.

Thanks for watching.






















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Gidday Haneto, a build of HMS Victory is impressive in any scale, but the detail you've done in such a very small build is truly superb. The mind boggles. 👍

Regards, Jeff.

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Beautiful model, as are all in your collection, well done 👏 

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Just...  WOW!!!  That is incredible.  Fantastic collection too 😎

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Where did you get that giant hand model and lighter?


Seriously amazing work! :worthy:


Some WIPs would be a treat! And I do like your RN fleet. :thumbsup:

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Your Victory is a beautiful little model. I was unaware that a highly detailed kit existed in such a small scale. The model reminds me of the late Derek Hunnisett's little maritime masterpieces.

A detailed build account would be nice. I would like to know about how the model was rigged in such a small scale, and did the kit come with photo etched ratlines?

I know that Scale Warship did a set of photo etched parts, decking and ratlines sets for the little Airfix Mary Rose kit that featured on Jim Baumann's fantastic build using that humble little plastic kit.

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Brilliant. When looking at the photographs my brain keeps losing track of how small it is until I come back to one with the hand or the lighter!  Magnificent work

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i was so impressed I showed the photos to my wife but not the ones with your hand or the lighter. I told her it was a model but she looked hard and asked if it was a cgi!  I then showed her the hand photo to which she said “Oh my God that’s crazy”. Of course she now thinks my aeroplane models are rubbish in comparison :D

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Thank you all for your nice comments and encouragement!

I believe the "big hand model" shall need even much higher modelling skill to finish! :)

So here I also share some of the work in progress pictures.


So I introdued, this is the 1/700 full resin kit by Artist Hobby, comes with a resin body, several photo-etching parts and bunch of brass rods with different diameters.



As you can see most details are already molded on the one piece hull, including the guns/cannons.



The casting blocks are located on the bottom of the hull, where there is also a big hole caused by air invation during casting I believe.

So I fill he hole with CA and sanded it to flat, together with other small holes.



Most PE parts can be glued before painting which will help to assure clean fitting to avoid additional glue.





I measure the size of the ship once it's finished, to give the vendor an order to custom-build the show case for her.



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The masts are all made up by brass rods.

I welded them to increase strength.





Masts are dried fitted on the deck, no glued.

So we can paint it now!




I used GSI Creos Mr. Color lacquar paint mostly.

5 deck colours are used to repliace the wooden deck, finished by brown enamel wash.




Need to paint the wood yellow on black base colour.

I hand brushed silver at first.



Then paint the yellow, 3-5 times by a fine brush.



All painting finished, ready for rigging.

(Masts are not glued yet.)




A really tiny model by 1/700 scale.



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So the most tiring part, rigging.

In my view, to decide the turn/step+some patience will be the key to success.

First step is to glue rigging on the mast.



Then glue the mast onto the deck.

And add vertical direction rigging around the mast.



Next is gluing the rigging between 2 masts.

Finally glue the climbing net PE parts.



I tried to add more flags at first, but found the result is not satisfying(too noisy maybe).

So I removed them.



That's all for the WIP.

I also uploaded a short video on Youtube as well:

Flagship forever——1/700 HMS Victory 104-gun first-rate ship of the line


Hope it may give you some inspiraton to challenge this small kit as well!



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