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We are a small organisation without the resources to set up a tax office for the UK Government. We are willing to ship items to the UK but the purchaser will have to organise their own tax collection. Accordingly we reply to each UK order with this....


While we appreciate your order and are very happy to sell items to UK based customers we wish to point out that we will not be collecting VAT for the UK Government. We understand that this may not be a suitable solution for our UK based customers who may end up incurring VAT and Customs charges on items they buy online from us. We have taken this decision because the additional compliance costs imposed on our business are too great to absorb.

We understand if you do not wish to proceed with your purchase and we will happily refund your money. If you decide to complete the purchase and accept the risk we are happy to send you the items you want. Be aware that we will not forge Customs declarations or enter lower than retail values on the waybill attached to your parcel as this is a criminal offence in Australia.


The last part is unfortunate but we have had several requests to do it and a refusal sometimes offends.

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Personally, as long as I know info like this then I can budget for those extras accordingly.  It's not the best situation but something I can live with for something I may want and is worth the outlay.

Thanks for updating us.



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