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USN quarter deck mounted Phalanx

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Hi all,


General question, what USN ship has the Phalanx installed on the quarter deck OR on the aft of the ship.

Oh by the way, the ship needs to have a flightdeck😉



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Fitted towards the stern: CVs, CVNs, Knox class FFs, Oliver Hazard Perry class FFGs, LCCs, LHAs, LHDs. LPHs (only after upgrades, in some of these types)

Note that, in the US Navy, the quarterdeck is the part of the upper deck of a ship reserved for official ceremonies and as the station of the officer of the deck in port (eg in many ships it is amidships, and not, as in the Royal Navy, the upper deck at the after end of the ship).

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Thanks for the information. I didn’t know that there was a difference in naming the aft section of a USN ship to a RN ship, everyday is a school day.

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