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US Navy Late 70's Hi Viz Schemes

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The Tamiya 1/48 F-14A calls for AS-16 to be used for the grey. 


What would suitable alternative's to this be? 


I have Tamiya XF-19 Sky Grey & Tamiya XF-20 Medium Grey. 


Is there a ratio to mix these 2 to get the correct shade? 


Should the final clear coats be Gloss, Satin, Matt or somewhere in between?

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If you have to use Tamiya, I'd go for a mix of the XF-20 with white. There are many brands who do the right shade straight from the bottle though. I'd go for a satin coat but you won't be wrong with a flat or slightly more glossy finish either. They started glossy, but some time at sea and it all becomes flat sooner or later.

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If you're limited to using paints from Tamiya's X/XF range, then I'd recommend adding some XF-55 Deck Tan to the XF-20/white mix as suggested by Pete - perhaps up to equal measure with the other two paints. To my eye, Light Gull Grey is a pale, brownish grey and it needs that extra brown/yellow tint.


For what it's worth, here are two other mixes using Tamiya paints (collected a long time ago from sources now forgotten, apologies for the lack of attribution):


36440 Light Gull Grey (link goes to the Colorserver rendition)

*Mix 1 -- XF-19:1 + XF-80:1 + XF-2:2

*Mix 2 -- USN LIGHT GREY -- XF-19:2 + XF-2:1 (add a tiny drop of yellow)


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Many thanks. 


My only reasoning for the Tamiya paints was I have those to hand. 


I'll have a look and see what else is available and if anywhere has stock. 


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