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The Generals Shotgun. M270 MLRS

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Hi Guys, works finished for a while, so here's my Entry. Hopefully, I'll have enough time to finish before next trip starts, as my success rate for Completion is woeful.



I think it's one of the most iconic vehicles of the conflict. The news pictures of a battery of MLRS rapid firing has stuck with me for a long time.

I'll be modifying this Trumpeteer German M270A1 version, to a coalition (USA or British) standard version. I believe that they are Identical apart from the Fire control system, so not to hard.



I'll save you from all the sprue shots, but the pre-shaped cab and rear housings are a nice touch (no alignment problems). The Missile compartment upper is also pre moulded.


The Start.

As I have been trapped at sea for over 8 weeks, I thought a easy start was needed, to get my eye in.


This is the rear hull bed which supports the missile compartment . All the boxes are pre molded and required minimal clean-up



This is the rear Plate of the Hull



A start on the suspension arms. 

Wheels are being built up today. they have separate Tyres so all the parts are being painted before assembly.  

Then Ill be onto the tracks, individual links and guide horns, so may take a while.


Cheers for Looking



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Hi Guys, hope everyone's enjoying their builds. Some interesting threads and picking up lots of useful idea's.


Well, its been a while for a update, but the "will to live" has been tested with the tracks.

Each link has 2 attachment points, but they are in the most awkward of spots, between the center locating point and the outer, and the gap being just the wrong size.

then each guide horn is the same, gave up cleaning them up, as pinging them around the room was getting very tedious.



 First run of 87 links are complete. they click together, but I will glue together after the paints on, and the tracks fitted.


Running gear is complete, no issues to report





I've painted in Tamiya XF-88 Dark Yellow 2 at the moment. But washes will darken it up. Might be a but too yellow and need a bit more brown in there.


Started the Cabin




Because of the one piece Cab, the floor is populated with seats a bulkhead and equipment rack, then the cab is populated and slides into place.

So I'll be painting/building as I go.

Real pictures show a very busy compartment, and I'm un-decided on having the doors open. 

Guess I'll see what it looks like and decide at the time.


Small steps, and apart from the tracks, enjoyable



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A nice start and good work with the tracks. It maybe tedious, but it will show its worth in the future of the build.

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You've got to have the doors open on a kit like this. A couple of squadies having a cup of tea would make a great diorama.


Coli n

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Hi Guys.  Thanks everybody for the comments, most welcome.

So progressed the Cabin structure and completed the engine housing.


First the Engine cowling





This sits directly behind the Cab (as shown later), and was a pre-moulded unit. Just cleaned up and populated, Some fiddly curved PE on the air filter, but nothing to Taxing.


Next the Cabin.




So First up is the base of cabin and rear bulk heads. Painted up with A.Mig-082 APC interior Green. This will get a good scuffing up, and plenty of dustiness.





Last two Pic's are dry fitted units.

I do like the internal door frames, which can be pre painted to represent the rubber door seals, much cleaner finish.

I thought the Pre moulded cab was a good thing, but quickly changing my mind. There is so much attached inside that careful study is needed for a good painting order.

to Give you a Idea, there are 9 decals above the passenger window, and 13 units on the internal roof, and that's just the first 3 steps.

But it's all part of the Fun


I'll get some more done on the cab before posting Pic's, as I have many small items being painted in various stages of construction.

Wish me Luck




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Brilliant, I’ll be following with interest as I’ve got the US version of this kit to build. 

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Lo Guys, not a lot done on this, as distracted by my PzIII build.

Slowly, very slowly working away at the Cab.

Lots of little bits and pieces, and decals were a right pain (Lack of access).





Lots more to paint up before even close to Finishing the Cab.


Started the rear launcher section, but will save that as a separate post as there is a lot to it




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Not a lot of room to fit those decals, but well done and any progress is some progress.

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Hi Everybody, and thanks for the comments.

Progressed a bit Further with this one, although my attention is on my PzIII build. But I'm almost at the water stage with that one, so can concentrate on this between pours.


First up, the Cab internals are complete, thank the lord. So I've mated up the rear housing and started Gluing to the floor. Fit is quite good, and mates nicely onto the Hull.







Thanks to Colin W suggestion, I'm going to model it with the doors and roof hatch open. There are external shutters for the Front windows but not certain if I'm going to have them raised or not.

Tried to find a aftermarket version, but no luck. so will have to use the kit parts, witch unfortunately come in a set pre-moulded position.


Also started on the missile compartment





It's a beast of a structure, and can be displayed in various ways. But not certain  how much will be visible.

At the moment I have 1 loading frame made (the grey bit) and dry fitted into the super structure (the green bit), still need to assemble the other frame, and the missile packs.

I'll then decide on how the rear is going to be displayed.


Lots still to do on it though. including the other run of tracks(50 links done).

I'm going for a standard desert brown scheme, but keeping some of the internals green, as I'm pretty sure that they would not have stripped everything down to paint, as it was a fairly short notice trip.


Cheers for looking


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