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Mr Hobby / Gunzi - opened bottle degradation.

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Hello everyone.       I’ve got some stocks of Mr Hobby paints, but, I don’t use them as often as I should do. My problem is, once the bottles have been opened then they’re pritty much done for.  I’ve just come to finish my latest project, and a previously opened clear gloss is a brown gloup. And several other colours have just turned , bad.


Has anyone got any experience’s or top tips on best practices?


Stay safe.      Mossy.    😃

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I have bottles of Gunze Aqueous Hobby Color paints opened more than ten years ago, and they are still good. Of course the paint is a bit thicker  than the one in new bottles, but nothing that thinner cannot

cure. I  wipe clean the top of the jar when  finishd and close the lid tightly 





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Hello cger.          Many thanks for answering, I’ve just finished my ‘sad severn’ days on shift    I’m hoping to grips with some airbrushing.    Modelling is always easier on my month of Wed, Thur and Fridays.   😁

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