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Photo Etch hinges?

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Hi All,

Just wondered whether there's such a thing a working photo etch hinges?

I have a couple of RFM Sherman tank kits (with interiors) to build and having looked at the instructions it appears that the engine covers can fixed either open or closed, but it doesn't look like it's a moving joint. I'd quite like to be able to modify them - as close to accurate as possible with working hinges.


I'll not be starting the build for three or four weeks, so have time to get bits ordered in - if such a thing exists.


Pic below is a grab from the the instructions site showing the parts in question.



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Aber definitely make workable hinges. (Eduard also make hinges but I haven't used them so can't comment on quality). Very fiddly but should be what you need.

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Another option would be to use brass slide fit tubing.  Can only guess at sizes, maybe 5mm and 7mm diameters - you'd have measure your model's details.  It would require cutting a number of pieces, and trying to maintain constant lengths as needed.   At least no bending of PE is required.







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I would think the hinges on a Sherman would be relatively complete in terms of the molded parts.

No AFV expert by any means, but the images on this page are consistent with limited experience with the field.


For such configurations, I would carefully drill the parts for a hinge pin made of appropriately-sized wire, on the order of 1mm.





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I've been able to get quite small working hinges from model railroad shops, but that was some time ago.


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