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Republic P-47D-28-RA 1/72 HobbyBoss

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Hello Friends!


Thunderbolt P-47D-28-RA


I decided to do some improvements to the kit


Worked with the engine and undercarriage bays

Machine guns made from injection needles

I selected the serial number according to the reference literature


Enjoy watching!


I wanted it as best, it turned out as always...









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Hi Dmitry,


this is a clean and sober build. Great result.

The sobriety is possibly a shame, as there are so many colorful Jugs. But your take does not detract to the fact that it is a very pleasant model to look at.


Well done.



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12 minutes ago, IanC said:

Nice. Somehow the plain markings and lack of colour  emphasise the size and power of the aircraft.

Thank You!

The idea was to make the plane in the factory paint even before the application of heraldry. I picked up the serial number from the decals, but the history of the 228774 aircraft is unknown to me. And kept the labeling authentic

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