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Got a belated Xmas gift from Grandkid Ezra yesterday. It a kinda non-official Lego kit and good for ages 5+. The decals are stickers and as I later found out, they have the sticking power of a frightened limpet to a rock. A quick check shows the kit is a tad bigger than 1:48 and the serial number is for a Mk.IIa built by Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory. P7350 served with 266Sq, 603Sq and 616Sq and is now with BBMF with markings for 41(F) Sqn. EB⦾G


From this....




....to this in about 15 minutes. Sorry about the lack of finished photos but he flew it home right after this shot




The builder. This is the worst of three photos, because you know, the internet is forever and he will one day regret this. Build here...https://imodeler.com/2021/01/airfix-quick-build-spitfire/



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The start of a slippery slope,my son isn't really a kit builder but bought one and ended up with nearly all of them your son'll have to get the 109 now....

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Thanks all. Got a text last night that said “airplane broke”.  I’ll probably use CA on it and make it less breakable 🤔

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