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Nice work on the shuttle


Regarding the photos, yes you'll need to add each one individually. The way I do it is to click on the downward pointing arrow with a line under it on the right of the screen under the photo you want to post. That opens a pop-up list. Click on 'view all sizes'. The photo will open in a new tab - right click on it and select 'copy image address'. Paste that into you Britmodeller post and the image will appear.





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Andy you're a wizard 😱👍🏻


Thanks for the comment... its a bit further along tbh.









These images were taken before things have been glued together so there are som massive gaps in them still atm. I'm a bit further along as this was at Christmas and ive installed the electrics and the ramp since then.


I'll add those images now if I can. Also can you show vids?


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6 hours ago, Thom216 said:

Welcome to the board, and coming in with a totally fantastic build!

Thanks for the welcome and the kind comment… it’s my first attempt at anything like this and I fear I’ve bitten off more than I can chew 🙈

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Hello again,


Managed to get some time to attach some updates...


Engine light housings.



Lower hull skinning WiP.

Ramp is hinged and expands, currently in stowed (Flight Position).



Wheel Balancing weight trial to enable it to stand on its landing gear. Weights have been hidden behind the front bulk head.



Legion Trooper for scale.



Engines taking shape.



All 3 hull elements now glued together. Just adding some detailing to the upper surfaces and making the nascels. You can see the ramp is now down slightly and extended. The cable will run through to the cockpit where the battery pack will be housed.



Bit of tail gunner action, started to fill in some of the gaps using Vallejo Plastic Putty.



Hull underside (Ignore the blu-tac thats there to keep the piece I've made safe) cabling and circuit board for my remote control. Also added a brass peg as I'm thinking of making a stand so it can be displayed in flight or landed modes.



The two little lights at the top of the image are the landing lights 😬


All comments welcome guys... this is my first buld and im sure there are some horrible mistakes 🥴

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6 hours ago, The Chief Smeg said:

This is just stunning - amazing work there HerrUther

Thanks Chief appreciate the comment. I know it’s not a real scale model and just an extravagant terrain piece but I’m trying my best to make it look as good as I can 🙈

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Welcome aboard and congratulations on this project which looks great so far.


Always good to see scratchbuilding here. 👍

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2 hours ago, Bandsaw Steve said:

Welcome aboard and congratulations on this project which looks great so far.


Always good to see scratchbuilding here. 👍

Cheers Steve… I was lurking for a long time. 

Not sure about putting my project out there but appreciate the comment 😬

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37 minutes ago, HerrUther said:

Not sure about putting my project out there  😬

Cannot see why; It looks top-notch to me!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Been a while, sorry for the slow progress but real life seems to have a way of coming up with situations that take up more of my free time than I like. 🤦🏻‍♂️


So heres what's been happening in the Lambda build world...


Been adding details for the fin joints and gluing the upper and lower sections of the Port and Starboard fins together. Mostly the I've added the castlations on the fin root joints where the fins move up and down, adding the details for the upper and lower surfaces at the root area and making prepartions for the fin mounted weapons:







Also been doing some work on the cockpit and neck of the Lambda:








I've managed to get the bit of detail at the top back of the cockpit together now and added the details to the 'nose' area... more pictures to follow. Once I get time to dry fit eveything for an all together shot I'll post it with lights on hopfully.

It's feeling a bit more real now the cockpits on it's way, still loads to do (Underside of the lower hull, nascels on the upper hull, more detailing on the cockpit and neck area, engine vanes... the list is endless).


Well I hope y'all like it thus far, I'll keep you updated as things progress.


Thanks for looking 🤓





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Hey all,


Just a quickie... I've dry fitted the fins and tested the lights...


Fin/Nav lights



Landing lights






Thanks for looking, hope y'all like it 🤓





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1 hour ago, Pete in Lincs said:

It's alive!

It sure is… the Nav lights on the fins blink too just can’t show that here 🤷🏼‍♂️


I’m quite chuffed with it now… the lights make all the difference. 

Edited by HerrUther
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This is just brilliant modelling :)


On top of which it's a science fiction subject 👽 shows exquisite taste :drunk:


Cheers, Moggy

Edited by Moggy
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