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Hawker Hurricane Snow Base . .

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Hello Everyone Adi here . . .

I wanted to make a Snowy Base for the Finnish AF Hawker Hurricane which I just completed.


To make the base I use Plywood and cover this with acrylic putty. I use baking powder to sprinkle the base for the Snow Effect.


I make trees using wooden kitchen skewers and single strand wire. For the branches I used dried grass as I did not have access to Woodland Scenics Sea Foam.

I make my own flocking using a sponge and I churn it in the mixer. I make two different shades of green.

I spray the trees with diluted PVA Glue and sprinkle these trees with baking powder for the snow.

The whole base was completed in a Day using basic and simple steps . . .







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Lovely looking scene, model looks great ,nice to see someone going back to the good old days by making things from the things you have available, instead of buying flock and ready made trees or bottles of imitation snow.Doing it that way you save a fortune, aswell as the pride of knowing you created that ,well done 👏 

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Stunning work Adi the aircraft is superb in it's own right but the diorama setting lifts it way above,close that access door as Kieth has

pointed out and it's faultless!

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Very atmospheric diorama – it adds a lot to the model.


I notice that the groundcrew have been cleaniong the mainwheels very diligently, as opposed to the rest of the airframe… 😉


And, as keith in the uk points out, the stbd escape hatch isn't hinged, so if you want to show the interior and have it open, you have to put that hatch somewhere. Can never do too much research, right? 😉


Beautiful modelling overall!


Kind regards,



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Wow!!!!!  After looking at the first picture, I had to out my coat on before I could progress any further.  That`s a very convincing and rare  representation of a winter setting.  It will shine bright in your display cabinet!!!!! :goodjob:



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